Slightly About Us

Slightly Me (or that should be Slightly Us) is a collection of photographs of our home and life by myself and my now 9 year old son. The heart of our home is the table; which you will always find covered in crafts, laundry, dinner, games, homework and general day to day activities. We love to bake apple crumbles on Sunday afternoons, going to charity shops, books as art and for snuggling up on the sofa with. And sometimes we like to take photographs of our life and our home and sometimes we like to post them on here as a slight glimpse in to our world.


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33 thoughts on “Slightly About Us”

  1. absolutely love the idea! i`m looking forward to see your pictures… warm regards.

  2. Simply inspirational. I am falling in love with this most enchanting somewhat slightly personal window in to your life.

  3. we at T’s – in – pot’s love this blog so much it is #1 in our “My Blog” List.

    adorable photo of you two we really love the colors

    joy and love from T’s-in-pot’s

  4. Yes I agree with you!

  5. neverlanddesign said:

    I love this Idea. What a wonderful blog. I have added you to Neverlanddesigns Blog role.

  6. I’m becoming the new fan of your page.
    Wonderful way of watching!
    Pure admiration.

  7. Hello! I am very much to like the pictures of life that you see to us all in you’re blog of in world you live in has beautiful everthings.

  8. Hello!
    I find this photography blog an endless source of pleasure. Is it possible purchase any of the prints?

  9. Thanks for sharing a part of you in your pictures. What a great idea!

  10. twosisterstwocameras said:

    Thanks for visiting our blog. Nice start to your blog, first and foremost I’d say have fun with your pictures, that is what my sister are doing with our blog, just posting one random image each day. I always find it helpful to look at other peoples blogs and see what they are going or if they have any tips or tricks to pass along. Here is a link that you might find useful Good luck with your blog, we’ll check back!

  11. Thanks for the comment. You have a lovely blog yourself and a great eye for composition. I’ll definitely be back for more 🙂

  12. hi there its kris,i really loved your photos and they were really interesting and really loved them.i love to know what sort of camera do u use.a compact digital camera or a dslr digital camera.keep up the very good work.

  13. enjoy is blog lots you do have a lovely home and child.


  14. new to your work but love it!

  15. y122018 said:

    pretty good:)
    I come from Taiwan

    nice to meet you

  16. You take lovely photgraphs. Love to look at them. Looks as if you love to shop. Need more info about Shopping center malls? You are welcome!

  17. this blog rocks! Feeling your pics and your life Slightly Me and son!
    Visit me for Questions and answers about 1973 oldsmobile 442 and Intrigue oldsmobile recall.

  18. So I looked at a post first before I figured out the style of your blog. Posting just pictures is a really creative idea and leaves a lot to the imagination. I’m in love with this blog!

  19. Steve and Ruben with Loftie's help said:

    I to love your blog …… am proud and happy to have been in it. You have gifts beyond the ordinary.

  20. For me was a pleasure chatting with you… Your blog and your pictures are great !!!!
    Go on like this !!!!

  21. Slightly Me said:

    oh my thank you all for your lovely comments! if you have any questions feel free to email me or go here I’m happy to answer all questions!

  22. I love your perspective on weddings, plates and potted plants. Very creative.

  23. Slightly Me said:

    I am so excited to announce that Slightly Me now has a Facebook page look forward to seeing you there. Kate xXx

  24. SandyRead said:

    creative and cute

  25. Kate @ Slightly Me said:

    You can find the Slightly Me Blogroll Slightly Delightful here If you would like your blog to be added please email me.


  26. hi there its kris,i really loved your photos and they were really interesting and really loved them.i love to know what sort of camera do u use.a compact digital camera or a dslr digital camera.keep up the very good work.

  27. hello, found you on a yahoo search for Ones new page and it looked strange but after refresh everything displayed fine. I like a lot please keep up the powerful work

  28. You are both so cute! Great idea. x

  29. u have a beautiful mind:)

  30. so inspired. i love the texture of your pictures. thanks for sharing

  31. You both have an amazing sense of style. I love your blog!

  32. What kind/s of cameras do you use? And what editing software? Your photos are just so unique and I’m hoping to get a better sense of how you make them so beautiful. Thanks!

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